HoneyHornet Studios
Executive Summary

Just a bit of persistence and a whole lot of creativity can produce an online presence that is lasting and positive for a person, organization, or product; therefore increasing it's brand longevity. Many companies offer solutions that are less than complete. Sure, it’s a snap to get a logo designed or launch a Twitter account, but then what? Where’s the love!? Where's the commitment?  HoneyHornet Studios sells creativity. We design cohesive roadmaps, which guide clients down a new, innovative, and collaborative path to prosperity. We ensure your enterprise's success through the creative application of visually attractive logos, user-friendly website layout, attention-grabbing imagery, long-term preservation, and other proven strategies.

Our Mission

“To be the trusted creative voice and solution for local and nationwide businesses, giving customers more than they ever thought they wanted or knew they needed.” 

Meet the Hornets


Kolton and Adrienne met a handful of years ago while working at a technical training company. Their jobs were vastly different, but their interests and views strikingly similar. Kolton was a Graphic Designer turned Project Manager and Instructional Designer, Adrienne a Quality Assurance Specialist. They found themselves working late together near a project deadline one evening and bonded over their love of vegetables, irreverent humor, and evident strong work ethic.

Since then, their friendship has grown and strengthened, and provides a firm, balanced foundation for a successful business partnership. 

Kolton’s background in Graphic Design, Learning Technology, Instructional Design, and Project Management helps her to easily understand and interpret client’s needs. She is seen as a critical thinker and a pragmatic problem-solver.

Adrienne’s experience working as an Editor/Proofreader and Quality Assurance Specialist, combined with her background in hospitality, has created a flexible and multidimensional skill set. She is detail-oriented, and an outside-of-the-box thinker.

Both are social media mavens (mostly Adrienne) who stay up-to-date on the latest trends concerning everything technology- and/or Internet-related. They bring a fresh approach, technical expertise, and a sense of humor to every client encounter. Your long-term success as a company is as important to them as it is to you, and it shows in their work. That is the concept behind HoneyHornet Studios, LLC: providing sharp solutions that stick!

Resumes and references are available upon request.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
— Maya Angelou

What We Believe

Creativity in the business world comes from collaboration. It's a meeting of the minds. It's a spark of genius that emanates from shared attentions. Only a genuine, united partnership can produce a successful creative solution. We want to hear your thoughts so we can help them grow beyond measure.